American Girl Free Shipping: What Works?

freeshipping.jpgDon’t know what to get for your little girl on her birthday? Get an American Girl free shipping code and save money on a quality gift. You’ll not only give your kid a doll to play with, you’ll start her learning experience with American culture.

If you’re not familiar with the American Girl brand, it’s a company that exemplifies how Americans love their history. It doesn’t come as a surprise that toys for children are sometimes used to pay homage to the country’s great history. Since it was founded in 1986, the American Girl company has continuously marketed dolls, magazines, books and clothing to celebrate girls, embracing who they are in the present and looking forward to who they will become in the future.

How exactly does American Girl achieve that goal? They first started with introducing a line of fictional heroines that lived during important times in American history. These historical characters have their own stories, shown through the dolls and told through the books, which have helped bring history alive for American kids. Less than a decade after, the company introduced My American Girl, a line that lets customers personally create and customize their doll’s look online, resulting in a truly special doll that’s just right for each child.

Since the customization happens online, the dolls will be delivered right to your doorstep. However, the company does not provide American Girl promo codes for shipping. Even so, the status of your shipment may be tracked online. The American Girl company confirms your purchase within two hours after submission of order, and is available for rush shipping with additional cost. The package comes with the company’s name in the shipping boxes. Aside from these dolls, the company also sells their own line of clothing, accessories and books that accompany these dolls and their stories.


Where to Look for American Girl Free Shipping Promos

The company’s website has an available American Girl promo code for discounts but not for free shipping. However, on their own way, American Girl company joins the online shopping bandwagon when it comes to offering shipping fee discounts. To get the closest thing to American Girl free shipping from the company itself, customers can order up to $300 and get a flat rate shipping price of $28.95. For purchases less than that, there is a corresponding shipping fee ranging from $5.95 to $25.95.

AGHowever, there are coupons that get you deals that are similar to American Girl Free Shipping. offers American Girl free shipping 2014 on Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight DVD & two-disc Blu-Ray combo pack if you shop now through September 30, 2014. There used to be free shipping for American Girl products on purchases of at least fifty to two hundred dollars, but these coupons have already expired, though they may be restored in the future.

A couple of sites that provide coupons don’t necessarily give American Girl coupon codes like these for free shipping but give great deals as well. offers a 50% discount coupon that has no expiry date yet, along with two offers of $10 off for any purchase worth more than a hundred dollars (one which expires at the end of this year and the other at the end of September).

To save money while giving your child a great doll to play with, get your free shipping code for American Girl products today.

Your Guide To American Girl Coupon Codes

an example of American Girl coupon codesIt’s no secret to the world that Americans love their country. A visit to any state will show you the country’s flags in the doorsteps of residents, just blatantly waving to show their patriotism. Intertwined with this love is their respect for their history as well.

Enter the American Girl company. The brand offers various clothing, accessories, and magazines for girls, as well as dolls and books that commemorate the American history. It may, however, come at a price – one that’s very much expensive. Quality products often do though. Here is a brief explanation why a product’s price is considered as a sign of its quality.

But before you decide to purchase these products for your little kid’s birthday, you might be interested in acquiring an American Girl promo code from this page so you’d still have enough money left even after the purchase. Because of the high-price of these in-demand products, a couple of American Girl coupon codes are available to those who are determined enough to look for them.

American Girl coupon codes are available in a couple of online stores, and the following sites offer great deals that will help you save money:


  1. Incorporated offers American Girl promos among the thousands of great brands and retailers they connect with consumers. Even without any code, you can use any of the four available offers:


*Play American Girl and Follow Your Inner Star

*Enjoy First Looks, Special offers and more via Email

*Shop Great Gift Ideas Under $20

*Make Gift Giving a Breeze with an American Girl Gift Card

All these promos will expire on November 30, 2014.



In the company’s belief to simply do good, they started a movement where people can turn their everyday actions into ways to support and raise funds for non-profit causes. So every time you use one of your American Girl coupon codes, Goodsearch donates money to your favorite cause.


Use this code to get 50% off your purchase of American Girl products. The promotion is still ongoing.

CODE: 179780

This code gets you $10 off any purchase worth a hundred dollars or more, and will expire on the end of the year (December 31, 2014).

CODE: 180749

Like the above promotion, this code gets ten dollars off a purchase worth a hundred dollars or more, but this one will expire by the thirty-first of September 2014.



If you’ve been looking for quite a while, you’ve probably encountered American Girl doll coupon codes that are almost really just a couple of letters. Having been in the coupon game for the past decade, Coupon Cabin aims to offer the best coupons on the web, which they guarantee is the best in the web. If you want American Girl coupon codes that are sure to work, Coupon cabin is your best bet.

AGfreeTo get your American Girl magazine promo code like these ones, go to their website and browse the promo to shop through Sep 13, 2014 for 40% off, 1-year subscription to American Girl magazine, plus free holiday 2014 issue and free gifts.

For your American Girl promo codes for free shipping, if you shop now through September 13, 2014, you can get free shipping on Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight DVD & two-disc Blu-Ray combo pack.

Lastly, you can also get up to 50% off original prices if you shop now through September 30, 2014.

The Best Way To Get Cheap American Girl Dolls

Among girls of all ages, American Girl dolls are always one of the most popular requests and Christmas wishes because of their unique story lines, accessories, and other related merchandise. Also, because of the wide variety and designs of American Girl dolls and accessories, they are certain to appeal to girls regardless of background or preference. However, just like the doll featured in this site, American Girl dolls cost considerably more than most other dolls and accessories because of their quality and craftsmanship. This means that you have to be extra resourceful if you want to be able to purchase cheap American Girl dolls.

cheap American Girl dolls

Discover Ways to Get Cheap American Girl Dolls

There are different ways to score cheap American Girl dolls, and one of the first options you would want to look at is used American Girl dolls being sold or auctioned online. There are previous doll owners who, for whatever reason, decide to sell their American Girl dolls after a few years. There are also those who only really want to purchase the doll of the year, and will sell last year’s doll when a new one is ushered in. If you go to different online selling and auction sites, you are sure to see cheap American Girl dolls still in good condition.


Be sure to only purchase these dolls from reputable sellers, and only if they have been inspected by you before buying. While you are looking for less expensive American Girl dolls, you also want to make sure that the product you are buying is not damaged, worn, or showing any other excessive signs of wear and tear.


There are several American Girl stores scattered all over the country, and you may or may not be in close proximity to one of these stores. Generally speaking, however, if you are looking to save on your purchase of American Girl dolls or accessories, it would be cheaper to buy online. There are many products and promos available online that are not always available to shoppers at the store. Also, you can use an American girl discount code when you buy online, because this code entitles you to various discounts and promos for your purchase.


agmagTake note of sale events and holidays as well, such as Cyber Monday. These big sale events and holiday promos are usually the time when you will find excellent deals on American Girl dolls and accessories, especially if you make your purchase online. If you are on the hunt for American girl discount, these deals are usually offered during big sale seasons and promos. These events are definitely worth looking for  since an American Girl promo code as discussed in this page  really gives significant discounts. This could be the time you will chance upon cheap American Girl dolls that would be perfect for the one you are giving them to.


Maximize your resourcefulness and read our article on how to look for American Girl magazine promo code here. When purchasing online, another way to save is to be on the lookout for various shipping promos and discounts offered for American Girl dolls and merchandise. There are special deals such as free shipping for purchases of a certain amount, or discounted shipping for orders. If you are planning on buying dolls or accessories for more than one person, shipping discounts could also lead to big savings.

American Girl Doll Coupon Gives Huge Discounts

For close to three decades, American Girl dolls have proven to be very popular among younger and older girls, even among many adults and doll collectors of all ages. These dolls appeal to doll lovers of all backgrounds and ages because they feature different ethnicities, stories, and designs that appeal to a wide range of preferences. Now, if you are thinking of giving someone her very own American Girl doll, or even other accessories and related merchandise such as an American girl magazine subscription, you can look for an American girl doll coupon to save money.

Different American Girl Doll Coupons

There are different American girl doll coupons offered for maximum savings, and if you know where to look online you are sure to find the right coupon that you need. For instance, if you are looking for clothes or accessories for 2014 Girl of the Year, Isabelle, there is an American Girl Doll coupon that you can use to buy them for as low as $8. There are a couple of American girl store coupons that offer 60% discount on select sale items and new markdowns. There are also American girl promo codes which are only given to selected customers. Now once you received them, the next thing you have to know is how to use an American Girl promo code.

hhhAnother popular coupon is for 40% off for 6 issues of American Girl magazine, and this coupon comes with the 2014 Holiday issue plus three other free gifts. This can be the perfect Christmas gift for the doll-lover. Do you have a daughter or other family member who is really into American Girl dolls and everything about them? This discount coupon would be great for them.

Shipping coupons are also offered for American Girl dolls and accessories. There are American girl doll coupons you can use  for free standard shipping for every purchase of the Isabelle movie DVD or two-disc Blu-Ray combo pack. If you buy online from Amazon, the site also offers free shipping plus discounts of up to 25% on American Girl dolls and accessories, so if you already have an Amazon account and buy from them, this is a good option for you.

Other coupons for American girl include an offer for $10 off for every $100 purchase. This is a great coupon for you to print out and use if you are buying an American Girl doll for someone. Since these dolls and their accessories can be quite expensive, even discounts like these will mean a lot and can save you tons in the long run.

Also offered coupons include $15 off the popular Bitty Baby Layette Collection, $30 and under on select gifts, and free shipping on orders worth $50 or more. Coupons for American Girl dolls and accessories are very easy to use. All you have to do is look for the coupons online, offered by different third party and retail sites. Once you have found the appropriate coupon for you, you just have to print it out for use at the store, or enter the promo or discount code when you purchase online. If you are having a hard time looking, check-out this page for some American Girl coupon codes.

Girls love American Girl Doll American Girl dolls and merchandise are timeless gifts that also teach many valuable lessons for young girls. Whether you are giving them as birthday gifts, or to celebrate other important milestones, make your American Girl purchase even easier on the budget with the right coupons. Aside from these adorable ones, there are also different kinds of dolls you can choose from. This page showcases many beautiful dolls around the world

American Girl Magazine Promo Code

American girl magazine promo code

The Most Popular American Girl Magazine Promo Code

Have you heard of the American Girl Magazine promo code? It’s one of the most popular discounts offered for products. Girls and parents alike look forward to it.

Every issue of the magazine consists of colorful pages. These primarily attract girls. The magazine comes with beauty tips and quizzes. It features fantastic stories with jokes and contests. It educates girls on acceptable behavior. It also talks to them about keeping safe. The hope is to make girls more independent.

The magazine knows how to attract customers. It especially attracts teens. It includes fun craft projects. It features recipe suggestions too. With health and fitness tips it attracts all. It has interesting question and answer columns.  It  helps girls overcome difficult situations.

The most attractive feature of the magazine is its interactivity. Also, the provision of the American Girl Magazine Promo Code for discounts. This code provides for great discounts on American Girl products.  Various competitions are offered throughout the year. This attracts interest and participation. Anyone can participate in these contests. Some such contests include photo sessions. Others are writing contests. Still others are question and answer sessions. The hope is to gain more subscriptions. This is done by entertaining the readers.

Every issue is loaded with award winning stories. It also provides craft and party ideas. In addition, it features heart felt stories from real girls. These girls write in to talk about their achievements. The magazine offers sound advice. Many young girls love the magazine. This interactive element is what makes it so popular. The magazine has of over 5000 pieces of mail from readers per month.

One interest of almost every girl is fashion. Girls always want to be on top of fashion and styles. This includes accessories and shoes. The American girl magazine promo code provides for fashion. This keeps readers on the cutting edge.

The magazine has a beautiful design. This gives positive thoughts and encouragement. This content is supportive and creative. The magazine is also very easy to read and follow. It is also an educational supplement. Parents find this a nice part of American Girl Magazine Promo Code.

This Girl Magazine was launched in 1992. It’s ranked along with top ten children’s magazines. It is written for girls in the nation. It is available in all national retail bookstores. It is also carried by newsstands. Over 470,000 copies of magazine are sold on a monthly basis.

Some additional and impressive facts about the American Girl Magazine Promo Code:

·’ receives 68 million visits every year.

·         Dedicated to girls from age 8 and up.

·         The editor receives more than 5000 pieces of reader mail/month.

·         Since 1986 more than 135 million books have been sold.

·         Over 20 million American girl dolls have been sold.

·         It has nationwide children’s commitment charity.

The American girl magazine promo code provides a nice discount. The magazine celebrates girls. It helps teens develop their life skills. It  encourages proper etiquette. Lastly, the magazine helps young women to feel more confident and plan for their future.

American Girl Coupon Codes

American Girl Coupon Codes for the win!

American Girl Coupon Codes are the very best value when it comes to purchasing discounted dolls for your daughter. It is well known among the adults who search for toys in this industry that there is no better way to get a great deal on these fantastically expensive gifts. We’ll cover off on the best way to find these discount codes, as well as the best time of the year and places to look for them, but first, perhaps the best question is why should you look for the discount codes to begin with?

antique dolls american girlThese coupon codes have long been the sought-after way to save money on America’s favorite dolls. The reason for this is very well known. The dolls themselves represent one of the single most expensive daughter’s gifts that you can possibly give to your or someone else’s daughter. They are magnificently expensive to say the least. With the prices that these dolls fetch you would expect to see that their hair is made of strands of gold. But have no fear the American Girl Promo Code is here.

American Girl Coupon Codes have long been the only way to make a very expensive gift become affordable for working class citizens of the United States of America. You see, it’s unlikely that parents from other countries would care to provide such expensive gifts to their children, particularly because they are made specifically to inspire American girls and the dolls are traditionally of American descent. The American Girl Coupon 2012 represents a discount hard to find for other such gifts for young women, and are often worth a great deal of money. From free shipping to discounts off retail on accessories and the like, parents can really benefit from the discounts they provide.

When spending time to search for American Girl Coupon Codes, as a parent you might ask yourself if most valuable dollsthe time spent is actually worth it. You may consider the value that your life actually holds, and whether or not your daughter might actually to prefer spending time with you rather than having such a spectacularly expensive doll. The truth of the matter is that your daughter actually prefers the american girl doll. It may be hard to imagine such a scenario, but it is indeed true. The fact is that you’re daughter does not value time spent with you, any more than you enjoy spending money. Unfortunately, an American Girl Magazine Promo Code may be the only way you can actually obtain your daughter’s affection so that she’ll actually look at you and acknowledge your existence.

Another benefit of American Girl Coupon Codes which enable you to purchase the American girl doll, is that your daughter will no longer be called names at school. You knew that when you gave her your older son’s clothes to wear as hand-me-down’s she would catch some flack. Little did you know however that she would be constantly teased and terrorized by other children for looking like a boy. You probably figured that over time the nicknames would lessen over time, and that eventually she would make some friends. You were wrong. The only thing that can save your daughter and her reputation now, are one of these dolls. collector's doll

American Girl Coupon Codes provide the only answer to making your daughter popular again. After the incident at the school cafeteria, in which you showed up with apples for desert, this is the only way you can redeem yourself in her eyes. It’s still likely she will hate you when she gets to high school and there is no doubt she will act out in horrible ways against you, but for the time being you can provide some incentive for her to love you. Let’s get real the American Girl Coupon codes are your only salvation – embrace them.