American Girl Free Shipping: What Works?

freeshipping.jpgDon’t know what to get for your little girl on her birthday? Get an American Girl free shipping code and save money on a quality gift. You’ll not only give your kid a doll to play with, you’ll start her learning experience with American culture.

If you’re not familiar with the American Girl brand, it’s a company that exemplifies how Americans love their history. It doesn’t come as a surprise that toys for children are sometimes used to pay homage to the country’s great history. Since it was founded in 1986, the American Girl company has continuously marketed dolls, magazines, books and clothing to celebrate girls, embracing who they are in the present and looking forward to who they will become in the future.

How exactly does American Girl achieve that goal? They first started with introducing a line of fictional heroines that lived during important times in American history. These historical characters have their own stories, shown through the dolls and told through the books, which have helped bring history alive for American kids. Less than a decade after, the company introduced My American Girl, a line that lets customers personally create and customize their doll’s look online, resulting in a truly special doll that’s just right for each child.

Since the customization happens online, the dolls will be delivered right to your doorstep. However, the company does not provide American Girl promo codes for shipping. Even so, the status of your shipment may be tracked online. The American Girl company confirms your purchase within two hours after submission of order, and is available for rush shipping with additional cost. The package comes with the company’s name in the shipping boxes. Aside from these dolls, the company also sells their own line of clothing, accessories and books that accompany these dolls and their stories.


Where to Look for American Girl Free Shipping Promos

The company’s website has an available American Girl promo code for discounts but not for free shipping. However, on their own way, American Girl company joins the online shopping bandwagon when it comes to offering shipping fee discounts. To get the closest thing to American Girl free shipping from the company itself, customers can order up to $300 and get a flat rate shipping price of $28.95. For purchases less than that, there is a corresponding shipping fee ranging from $5.95 to $25.95.

AGHowever, there are coupons that get you deals that are similar to American Girl Free Shipping. offers American Girl free shipping 2014 on Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight DVD & two-disc Blu-Ray combo pack if you shop now through September 30, 2014. There used to be free shipping for American Girl products on purchases of at least fifty to two hundred dollars, but these coupons have already expired, though they may be restored in the future.

A couple of sites that provide coupons don’t necessarily give American Girl coupon codes like these for free shipping but give great deals as well. offers a 50% discount coupon that has no expiry date yet, along with two offers of $10 off for any purchase worth more than a hundred dollars (one which expires at the end of this year and the other at the end of September).

To save money while giving your child a great doll to play with, get your free shipping code for American Girl products today.