American Girl Coupon 2012

Don’t miss the American Girl Coupon 2012American Girl coupons for 2012

So, it’s 2012, and what’s the question on everyone’s mind? ¬†– It’s to take down the Christmas lights? Time to throw away the Christmas tree? – Time to return the clothes that don’t fit? – Ok, so there may be lots of questions on everyone’s minds right about now. But somewhere on this list has to the American Girl coupon 2012 talked about the beginning of all new years.

Why is it that this American Girl promo code is so sought-after you might ask? Well for many young women throughout the country it’s no mystery. What is American Girl you may ask? I’m assuming your not one of these young women. But, that’s no problem. We’re here to discuss this amazing coupon and the many benefits it brings for your daughters and your pocket book.

American Girl Magazine Promo Code

The one coupon everyone seems to know about comes out in the American Girl magazine. For those of you who don’t know this is the very catalog that started it all. Ok, What is American Girl you ask? They are amazingly intricate, specially detailed, hand-crafted dolls styled after a variety of American Girls. But it’s so much more. The magazine also offers articles which teach young American women life lessons and build their character and confidence.

Why is this so important to have the American Girl coupon 2012 you ask? With all the negative influences impressing our young women these days, having a magazine made to increase their confidence and build their self-awareness can be very helpful. Young women also write in to the magazine to talk about their life successes and educational achievements. This allows them recognition for their many efforts, and helps them to share their secrets to success with other young women around the country.

So, think your daughter has outgrown dolls? I thought so too. My daughter is 12 years old, but there’s a strange draw to these American Girl dolls. You see, they embody the very character of many of your daughter’s friends by taking up certain hobbies, sports and activities. This specialization of hobbies increases both the value and demand for these dolls. Another great reason to have the American Girl coupon 2012. For instance you may find one that rides horses, and one that plays softball, or one that writes books. They each take on a specific skill and seem to take on a life of their own. Aspiring young women look to the various types of dolls as a doorway to explore possible life avenues.

The benefits of the American Girl coupon 2012

Ok, daughters love the American Girl dolls, but why should I, as a parent care about the coupon code. Well, that’s why everyone starts raving around the start of each new year. There is a new promo code put out which provides special discounts on these expensive little dolls. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention the price on these dolls. ¬†They are expensive! – Depending on the style and hobby and accessories for a given doll you can spend upwards of $150 per doll. Yes, this does include a special book which gives an inspiring story about the doll, which talks about her hobby or her historic life.

So, with these prices, you’re starting to see the big picture aren’t you. The American Girl coupon 2012 which is now being awaited could give you up to 25% off and free shipping. This is quite a nice savings when you consider the steep price for some of the collectors edition dolls which fetch over $500. But, think about this: These dolls are limited edition collector’s items.